The Gallery The kingdom of this world, of the National Library of Cuba José Martí, hosts from Friday 18 the exhibition In common ground, by the photographers Julio Larramendi and Chip Cooper, organized by the Museum of Art of Mobile, United States and the Cuban institution. It shows "the common characteristics shared by the sister cities of Mobile and Havana: their people, their architecture and their celebrations."

In common ground it was inaugurated on the day that BNJM was one hundred and eighteen years old and is a tribute to the 500th anniversary of the city of Havana, which will be celebrated on November 16.

The evening was chaired by Willian Sandy Stimpson, Mayor of Mobile; Gray Redditt, president of the Mobile-Havana Society; Norma Rodríguez Derivet, president of the National Council of Plastic Arts of the Ministry of Culture; Gladys Collazo, president of the National Heritage Council; Mariano Jorge Estrada, deputy director of the José Martí National Library of Cuba; and a wide representation of personalities from the North American city that make up the delegation that these days carries out intense exchange sessions with Cuban institutions.

“This photographic exhibition,” declared Willian Sandy Stimpson to those present, “explains the relations between Cuba and Mobile, which have been going on for many decades. We even want to make this terrain more common between the two cities in the future. We were very eager for this exhibition to travel to Havana. In this mutual collaboration we have a bright future.

Gray Redditt, for his part, recalled that twenty-five years ago the authorities of the two cities signed a resolution that made Mobile and Havana sister cities. “Today we are paying tribute and honors to that relationship - he pointed out - with the inauguration in the Cuban capital of this photographic exhibition that compares and contrasts the people, lifestyle and architecture of the two cities. I hope it serves as a reminder of the friendship between our two peoples.

Vilma Ponce Suárez, researcher at the National Library, highlighted the informative and documentary values ​​of the exhibition, which was already presented at the Mobile Art Museum between March 2 and August 12, 2018. «Both, with a high artistic sensibility, they record the beauty of the urban and rural landscape of the two cities, while capturing the simplicity of their citizens. The exhibition brings us closer to different cultural contexts, as they are cities with different traditions, customs and languages. The artists delve into these realities to discover those common traits that identify us: filial love, collective games, religiosity, cultivation of the land, carnivals, architecture, the sea ... ».

The two artists highlighted their professional and friendship relationships, which are reinforced by this collaboration between the two cities. “We Cubans,” Julio said, “highly value the fact that you have decided to visit us at difficult times for our country. That shows bravery, determination and friendship. "When you put an American and a Cuban together," said Chip Cooper, "I can assure you that magic arises, and this magic is present between the two cities."